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BALAJI SESHAN has spent more than 20 years of his life in the tourism sector. He continues his passion for hospitality and travel with "Passion To India". Balaji knows how to best assist its customers and organizes the trips itself. Above all, he seeks to provide its customers with impeccable service.

He is a specialist in designing personalized travel plans for his clients on the basis of the programs they chose and always has an open, quick and transparent communication. His expertise and perfect knowledge of India assure you that your travel will be carried out in the best possible way... Balaji’s expertise in South India is recognized by 1,200 clients for whom he has organized trips.



BHUSHAN OBEROI is a travel enthusiast and bon vivant. He is known to have owned several of Bangalore's iconic restaurants, the "Casa Piccola". His curiosity and his love for discovery makes him a precious adviser who offers a wonderful insight on the beautiful locations in India.

He is currently in charge of a charming hotel, the "Casa Cottage", and shares the same sense of hospitality as his wife. It is with pride that we present this duo who are recognized in the world of travel to South India. If you are looking to have fun in India and discover the roots that form its culture and heritage, this is the man for you!



BENJAMINE OBEROI was born in France and settled in Bangalore over thirty years ago with her husband. Benjamine loves to have a hearty conversation and always warmly welcomes her guests whose praise continues to increase. Many customers mention it when sharing their stay in India.

Benjamine says : "We love welcoming enthusiastic people from all over the world and it is a pleasure to see them meet here at Casa Cottage." Not only is his Cottage affordable, but it feels like home. Benjamine is also the founder of the NGO "Casa Foundation" which supports several local NGOs in South India in the implementation of their projects for education, rural development and the emancipation of women.



CELINE BARDA is French and lives in Paris. She has been traveling India solo for many years. Architect by profession she has a solid knowledge of Indian culture and in particular heritage and can guide your travel in India. Also passionate about nature and wildlife, she will advise you if you wish to visit one of the many national parks where she has stayed to bring back magnificent images.