Kolkata and the Sundarbans - Odhissa ( 16 days | 15 nights )

This trip will make you discover one of the most impressive megalopolis of the world, Kolkata but also the sites and temples richest in Art and History of Odhissa. You will be captivated by their architecture and the history of their construction. This trip will allow you to meet a completely different region with its incomparable culture and landscapes, the Sundarbans.

Highlights Of the Trip

Browse the mythical "City of Joy" Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Explore mangroves by boat Experience unique spiritual experiences

Tour Timeline - Kolkata - Sundarbans - Bishnupur - Chandipur - Bhitarkanika - Puri - Bhubneshwar - Kolkata

  • 1
    DAY 01 | Kolkata

    Upon arrival, your Passion To India guide will be happy to welcome you and help you check-in at your hotel where you can refresh and rest. A summary of your stay will be presented to you. Depending on your arrival time you can go for a walk and have a first contact with the city. Night in Kolkata

  • 2
    DAY 02 | Kolkata

    Located on the banks of the Hoogly River, Kolkata boasts of being the cultural capital of India and having rich history and a versatile future.Post breakfast, continue exploring Kolkata.

    VICTORIA MEMORIAL : It was built between 1906 and 1921 in memory of Queen Victoria to celebrate 25 years of reign over India. Lord Curzon, then Viceroy of India, took charge of the construction of this grandiose monument. It houses paintings, manuscripts and other objects of historical value in its museum.

    CATHEDRAL SAINT PAUL : Located in the heart of the city, St. Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral. It is 71 m long and 24 m wide, the spire is 60 m high. The interior has superb bas-reliefs, two Florentine frescoes and a magnificent altarpiece.

    NATIONAL MUSEUM : It is located in the old town of Kolkata. Founded in 1814 it has since formed a center of multidisciplinary activities. Popularly known as "Jadughar", it exhibits fossils, fragments of meteorites, an Egyptian mummy, an urn supposed to contain the ashes of the Buddha and many sculptures.

    HOWRAH BRIDGE : An iconic landmark in Calcutta, the Howrah Bridge is a steel structure considered to be one of the longest cantilevered bridges in the world. Also called Rabindra Setu, it spans the Hooghly River and connects Howrah to Kolkata. Its daily traffic is more than 100,000 vehicles and countless pedestrians.

    KUMARTULI : The potters' colony, here you will find nearly 400 sculptors working the clay brought from the Ganges River to create the most fascinating idols of Hindu gods and goddesses. A whole army of sculptors, potters and decorators of frames and furniture work with straw, clay, gold leaf, bamboo, pearls to create expressive and colorful works of art.

    DAKSHINESWAR TEMPLE KALI: The Dakshineswar temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali. It was built in Nava-ratna style. The temple consists of 12 branches with a central courtyard and flanked by 12 other small temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was founded by Rani Rashmoni in 1855. It was here that Rama Krishna Paramhamsa, a highly revered religious thinker, had his spiritual vision and preached the unity of all religions. Night in Kolkata.

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    DAY 03 | Kolkata - Sundarbans

    Your journey will start in the morning from your hotel. You will cross a beautiful countryside and villages with a brief stop for tea and refreshments. Around noon you arrive at Gothkhali Jetty. The trip to land ends here. You will be greeted by your local guide and refreshments will be served on board. You will sail on the rivers Gomor, Durgadhwani, Pitchkhali.

    Arrive at your hotel near the "Tiger Sundarban Reserve" enjoy your lunch. In the afternoon you will embark to navigate the rivers and canals of the forest and observe the fauna.

    At Sajnekhali Watchtower you will visit the Mangrove Interpretation Center. Sheltering salt-tolerant tree and plant species, mangroves typically grow between land and water in the tropics and subtropics. It has a lush green eco-system, rich and thrilling.

    As the sun goes down, return to the hotel for a snack around a fire and attend a traditional Adibasi dance show. This folklore showcases the happiness and difficulties of their lives through dance and songs.

    Upon your return from the cruise you can also climb to the observation tower of the hotel to observe the birds (64 species of birds to date). Night at the hotel.

  • 4
    DAY 04 | Sundarbans

    As you wake up to the birds singing, a cup of hot tea is served in your terrace. Departure by boat to Dobanke Watch Tower where you enter the Forest Reserve. You will be able to contemplate creeks, dense forest and numerous rivers while having your breakfast on board.

    At Dobanke Watch Tower you will take the protected footbridge that runs through the forest. You will visit the Axis deer rehabilitation center. Back to the hotel for lunch.

    In the afternoon, you will experience the real Sunderbans as you walk through the village of Dayapur. You will meet the locals to learn more about their daily life, local crafts, cooking, and different ways of life of villagers note how the man and the tiger coexist on the same territory. Observe their farming methods and mud houses finely decorated with white drawings. Explore village market. Return to the hotel for refreshments followed by a movie about wildlife. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

  • 5
    DAY 05 | Sundarbans

    Wake up at dawn with a cup of tea. Observation tour around in the camp. Refresh yourself and have breakfast before leaving for Netidopani Watch Tower (depends on the weather condition and the availability of permits - In case of non availability of permits we will provide another cruise in the forest of the National Park - You will see there a temple 300 years old dedicated to "Bon Bibi - forest goddess of the forest where villagers who are fishermen and honey collectors of all castes will pray for their safety, that of tigers and crocodiles they personified as gods You can also have lunch on board and cruise until sunset, or you can check out the books available in small library of the camp. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

  • 6
    DAY 06 | Sundarbans - Kolkata

    Awake with the chirping of birds, a cup of hot tea is served on your terrace. Departure for the morning cruise in the reserve of "Tiger Sunderbans" once again by the streams and rivers heading towards the Sudhayakhali Watchtower. Stroll through the protected walkways after landing to the watchtower, looking for the elusive tiger.

    Keep an eye on the freshwater pond where you can see deer quenching or "monitor lizzard" kind of big monitor as well as monkeys and wild boars. Breakfast is served on board. Return to Sunderban Tiger Camp for lunch.You will then be transferred to Kolkata. Arrived at your hotel, dinner and overnight in Kolkata.

  • 7
    DAY 07 | Kolkata - Bishnupur

    Early departure for Bishnupur which houses the famous terracotta temples. They were built in a unique composite style throughout the country. Many of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    THE JOREBANGLA TEMPLE looks like two thatched huts and a single tower. This brick temple was built by King Malla Raghunath Singh in 1655.

    TEMPLE MADAN MOHAN is located in the district of Bankura. This temple is dedicated to Krishna. "Madan Mohan" is another name of Lord Krishna. This temple was built by King Durjana Singh Deva of the Malla Dynasty in 1694. It is one of the largest temples in Bishnupur.
    THE RASMANCH PAVILION :was built in brick by King Veer Hambir in 1600 AD It is the oldest brick temple in Bishnupur.

    It has the shape of an elongated pyramidal tower surrounded by turrets. The outermost gallery is elegantly surrounded by Bengal hut roofs. The floor is paved with bricks. The entire structure rests on a high platform composed of laterite blocks. About fifteen temples are nearby.

    THE CANON NAMED DAL MADOL is near the Chinomasta temple and is important for the inhabitants of Bishnupur as well as for all Bengal. It was made in 1742 under Raja Gopal Singh to protect Bishnupur from the Marathas.

    The most famous art form of Bishnupur is the terracotta work. In addition to the temples, terracotta pottery, handicrafts and jewelry are popular. Bishnupur is also famous for its metal handicrafts, better known as "Dokra". Night in Bishnupur

  • 8
    DAY 08 | Bishnupur Chandipur

    Morning departure to reach the coast at Chandipur. After your long drive enjoy the beach to relax. Night in Bishnupur.

  • 9
    DAY 09 | Chandipur - Bhitarkanika

    Morning departure to Bhitarkanika.  Check-in to your hotel. Relax and enjoy the calmness between the woods. Night in Bhitarkanika.

  • 10
    DAY 10 | Bhitarkanika

    Wake up early and set out to explore wildlife sanctuary You will embark on a boat for the day.

    Located in the estuarine region of Brahmani-Baitarani, northeast of Kendrapara District, the Bitarkanika Sanctuary covers an area of ​​672 square kilometers of mangrove forests and wetlands. Traversed by a dense network of canals, it is home to more than 215 bird species, including winter migrating birds from Europe and Central Asia. It is also inhabited by a population of reptiles such as giant crocodiles, cobra, Monitor Lizard, Indian python and many mammals. Night in Bhitarkanika.

  • 11
    DAY 11 | Bhitarkanika - Bhubneshwar

    Post breakfast, embark your boat and then take the road to Bhubneshwar. Night in Bubneshwar.

  • 12
    DAY 12 | Bhubneshwar

    After breakfast visit Bhubneshwar covering temples such as the 7th century Parasurameswar temple, the 10th century Mukteswar temple, the 11th century Lingaraja and Rajarani temples. In the afternoon visit Khandagiri and Udaygiri. These are partly natural caves of great archaeological, historical and religious importance. Some date from the 2nd century BC. Most of these caves are thought to have been converted into monasteries for Jains monks. The Rani Gumpha "Cave of the Queen" has the distinction of having two levels. Night in Bubneshwar.

  • 13
    DAY 13 | Bhubneshwar - Puri

    After breakfast you will be driven to Puri.

    SHREE JAGANNATH TEMPLE : Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter but it is visible from the terrace of the Raghunandan Library. This temple was built by the king of the Ganga dynasty, Anantavarman Chodaganga, in the twelfth century AD. Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra are a trio of revered deities in this temple.– There are many other temples which you can choose to visit Overnight in Puri.

  • 14
    DAY 14 | Puri

    KONARK SUN Temple : Built in the middle of the 13th century it is one of the most important temples in India. King Narasimhadeva I, the great ruler of the Ganga Dynasty, had this temple built by more than 1,200 artisans over a period of 12 years. This temple was considered a chariot for the sun god. It was designed as a beautifully decorated chariot, mounted on 24 wheels about 3 meters in diameter and pulled by seven powerful horses. Back to the hotel and relax / beach. Overnight in Puri.

  • 15
    DAY 15 | Puri - Bhubneshwar - Kolkata (By flight)

    After breakfast drive to Bhubneshwar and transfer to the airport to board your flight to Kolkata. Upon arrival in Kolkata, transfer to the hotel and relax. Night in Kolkata.

  • 16
    DAY 16 | Kolkata

    Depending on the time of your departure you can walk around the city, go shopping. It's time to pack your bags and leave with unforgettable memories of India. Transfer to Kolkata International Airport.